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Lian Monley

I'm Lian Monley, a Holistic Gut Health and Detoxification Practitioner with 25 years of expertise. I guide individuals through transformative healing journeys with a groundbreaking holistic approach. I integrate advanced detox practices and innovative wellness strategies to enhance well-being on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, nutritional, and spiritual.

Twenty-five years ago, my life changed dramatically. I battled chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, and underwent five surgeries for endometriosis. Despite appearing fine on the outside, I felt hollow inside. The medical system repeatedly gave me prescriptions that didn't solve my problems, leaving me frustrated and feeling like my issues were being ignored.

Driven by this frustration, I turned to holistic health and plant medicines. I wanted to understand my body better and find real healing. I realized that I had to take charge of my own well-being. With determination, I embraced holistic health, delving deep into how my body works and how to heal. Little did I know, this journey would shape me into the practitioner I am today.

Through personal exploration and overcoming obstacles, I gained a deep understanding of holistic healing, enabling me to guide others on their healing paths. Today, I'm living proof that resilience and holistic health transform lives, helping others seeking healing and well-being.

In my career, I've garnered global recognition and collaborated with A-list celebrities and professionals across 20+ countries, infusing vitality and groundbreaking wellness into their lives. My approach isn't just a solution; it's a transformative journey toward a healthier, happier individual.

Lian Monley Gut Health Expert

It starts in the gut..

This is an easily digestible holistic wellness ebook. It dives into the understanding of your body’s ecosystem – your gut especially. It offers great insights to anyone grappling with chronic pain, fatigue, gas, bloating, and other common gut disorders. It introduces a new paradigm on how to heal the gut completely.

The key is not just managing the symptoms, but treating the root cause (the gut). Restoring this crucial part of your health improves the performance of your whole body.

What People Are Saying

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Lian Monley is truly dedicated to sharing her incredible knowledge, her passion, dedication and desire is truly inspiring and empowering. Her abilities in the health realm are nothing short of profound and life changing rehabilitating the body from the inside out.

Lian skills far exceeded our expectations. Lian was exceptional and a pleasure to work with. She is a global citizen and automatically knows how to deal with UHNWI clients, with confidence & grace.

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