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Lian Monley

Holistic Health Practitioner Gut Health Expert, Author, Integrative CHEK Wellness Practitioner, Celebrity Wellness Coach

Meet Lian Monley—a dedicated Gut Expert and Wellness Advocate with 25 years of expertise, committed to guiding individuals through transformative healing journeys. As a certified Integrative CHEK Wellness Practitioner and accomplished author, I am passionate about enhancing overall well-being on physical, mental, emotional, nutritional, and spiritual levels.

My holistic approach, enriched by diverse credentials as a nutritionist, personal trainer, beauty therapist, meditation practitioner, breath-worker, energy healer, and medical intuitive, provides a comprehensive understanding of wellness. I am not just a Gut Expert; I am a Healer, offering a holistic perspective that spans various dimensions of well-being.


Delving into entrepreneurship, I've established gyms, health spas, juice companies, and retreat havens, transforming them into powerful platforms for profound healing and transformation. Beyond business, my journey is a commitment to igniting positive change in individuals and communities through Detox and Holistic practices.


Collaborating with A-list celebrities like Mariah Carey, corporate entities, and professionals in over 20 countries, my interventions go beyond productivity enhancements. They infuse vitality into success, nurturing both individuals and organisations. These endeavours are crucial for sustaining health, providing steadfast support for day-to-day well-being, and fostering enduring vitality through Holistic and Wellness practices.

Lian Monley Gut Health Expert

It starts in the gut..

This is an easily digestible holistic wellness ebook. It dives into the understanding of your body’s ecosystem – your gut especially. It offers great insights to anyone grappling with chronic pain, fatigue, gas, bloating, and other common gut disorders. It introduces a new paradigm on how to heal the gut completely.

The key is not just managing the symptoms, but treating the root cause (the gut). Restoring this crucial part of your health improves the performance of your whole body.
What People Are Saying

Mariah Carey - Music Icon

Lian Monley is truly dedicated to sharing her incredible knowledge, her passion, dedication and desire is truly inspiring and empowering. Her abilities in the health realm are nothing short of profound and life changing rehabilitating the body from the inside out.

Lian skills far exceeded our expectations. Lian was exceptional and a pleasure to work with. She is a global citizen and automatically knows how to deal with UHNWI clients, with confidence & grace.

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