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How Important are Probiotics?

Unless you have a perfect gut and are already eating lots of fermented food—it’s challenging to get all the probiotics you need from diet alone. Supplementing with a probiotic can help restore imbalances, keeping your microbiome balanced and your immune system healthy to ward off illnesses.

What are the best sources of probiotics?

You can increase beneficial microbes in your body from the foods you eat. Fermented foods in particular (yogurt and pickles, for example) are home to a host of good bacteria that benefit your body. There are also fermented drinks like kombucha (fermented tea) or kefir (fermented dairy drink) that introduce extra probiotics into your diet.

When grocery shopping, be sure to check the labels—opt for a food option with less sugar or no sugar at all. Pickles may not be a good source of probiotics if already been heat-pasteurized as heat kills live bacteria.

Probiotic Supplements

There are several ways you can take a probiotic supplement. They come in a variety of forms, including in:

  • Foods

  • Drinks

  • Capsules or pills

  • Powders

  • Liquids

Probiotic supplements can be a little pricey. Make sure you are getting what targets the symptoms you’re hoping to address.

If you’re using a daily probiotic, your digestion should definitely be on track. In addition to their gut benefits, probiotics are said to boost glow and overall skin health.

Listen to your body. There is no part of the body, no disease, no organ system – that the gut does not directly or indirectly affect. Taking good care of our gut is an essential part of our wellbeing.

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